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The travel blog contains blogs from all of my recent major trips including Australia, Namibia, Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda and Helsinki and is constantly being updated with info from my travels. It contains a gallery and anything else I think could be useful too.

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NB: These posts are in chronological order. More updates for older trips may have been added recently but may not be shown – visit the main Travel Blog for all posts, and for these posts in full detail.

  • August 22 2016 :
    The blog of my 2002 Namibia trip is back online
    I am pleased to report that the blog for my month-long trip trip to Namibia with World Challenge Expeditions in 2002 is back online after being taken down temporarily since May. If you read the blog you will notice that there are some references to a (read more)
  • August 16 2016 :
    My Chile travel blog is finally online
    Every time I travel it seems to take longer and longer for my travel blog to be posted online and this is definitely the case again now. Seven months to the day from the start of my memorable and highly enjoyable trip to Chile and I have finally mana (read more)
  • February 21 2016 :
    Thoughts after returning from Chile
    I have been back in the UK for a few weeks now and as well as getting back into things here I have had a chance to process my thoughts and think back to my time in Chile. I generally always find it hard to readjust to being back home after a great tr (read more)
  • January 30 2016 :
    The journey home from Chile
    Normally I consider paying extra for better seats a luxury or an unnecessary expense, with standard seating usually being adequate, but after my final flight home I think the ones I paid extra for were worth every penny. In total I paid in the region (read more)
  • January 28 2016 :
    Santiago part 2
    We spent one afternoon this week in the area of Quinta Normal, another of the main parks in Santiago, looking at museums. First on our itinerary was Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, the human rights museum. I wanted to come here to learn m (read more)
  • January 28 2016 :
    Chilean Food
    My time in Chile is almost over, and tomorrow I leave Santiago for my journey back home. I know I have said this a few times in the blog but I have had such a great time here and will miss the country when I leave. I don’t know whether it’ (read more)
  • January 24 2016 :
    Viña del Mar and powerful seas
    Today we took another day out of Santiago and busy city life to visit the coastal town of Viña del Mar, which came highly recommended by everybody from Chile that I spoke to before travelling. It was another long and exhausting day, just like Saturd (read more)
  • January 23 2016 :
    A day in Valparaíso
    Today is a bit of a rest day, due to the long day yesterday. Steven has gone back to his house for a little while and I have decided to do a bit of walking around on my own for the first time since arriving. I didn’t stray too far from the apar (read more)
  • January 22 2016 :
    Santiago part 1
    I have been in Santiago for most of a week and I am having a great time. Staying with Steven in a rented apartment in the city has proved useful as we have been close to everything, have been able to keep costs down and I feel that I have been able t (read more)
  • January 20 2016 :
    Bienvenido a Chile
    Welcome to Chile! I have just checked into the apartment where I will be staying for the next 10 nights and it’s really close to everything. It looked a little far out on Google Maps but my friend assured me it was central and he was right R (read more)

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