By Scott

One of my main loves is travelling. I like to visit new countries but am not the sort of person that travels to new places just for the sake of it. I figure we have a really nice planet and so I love being able to explore it, meet new people, experience different cultures and see lots of new sights. Plus I maintain an interest in photography and travelling certainly helps with that.

My favourite destination is probably Africa. I’ve been on a couple of overland trips in Central and Southern Africa and always find the scenery, people and activities to be great! However I do like to travel all over to see new things every time.

My travelling tends to be a little off the beaten track. I like to get out there and see places that not many people visit, or that aren’t your ordinary tourist destinations. Places like Spain, France, Ibiza and New York really don’t interest me that much any more as you could be anywhere. That’s why I’ve spent some time in places like North Korea, Namibia and Rwanda and why I’m hoping to visit Kosovo, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe at some point.

I must admit I do occasionally like my luxuries so if I’m in a hostel it’ll be a private room not a dorm and I prefer to overland with a Dragoman / Intrepid group than to backpack on my own but in general you can’t really see a place until you just get out there and see it. At the moment unless it’s a special destination or the only option…. or if I’m transitting through somewhere or travelling with friends then package or luxury travel just isn’t usually for me.

Travel Blog

Overall I try to keep a travel blog going to document my travels. This isn’t to show off or to be an anorak but I’ve had loads of great memories and experiences and figure they need to be documented somewhere or everything that happens will be lost. I’ve also been helped loads by reading other peoples Travel Blogs and TripAdvisor reviews and hope my experiences, good and bad, can help a few other people.

The blog is occasionally updated from the road but is mainly added as soon as can after returning, along with appropriate photos, and I’m in the process of adding more blogs from past trips whenever I can. My blog can be found here and my TripAdvisor can be found here.

Countries I have visited

Antigua, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Luxembourg, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Panama (*), Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa (*), South Korea (#), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand (*), Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates (*), USA, The Vatican, Wales

(*) = Transit only
(#) = While visiting the de-militarised zone from the North, inside the negotiation hut only.

My current to-do list

Galapagos, Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal

I’d like to visit Central Asia at some point. I recently saw some photos and read a travel blog from a Dragoman Trip that went through Kyrgyzstan and when I saw a photo of the group wildcamping next to a pristine alpine lake I had the same feeling as when I saw a photo of somebody next to a Gorilla in Rwanda… the “I want to go there” feeling.

Seeing wildlife in Africa was really enjoyable and I’ve heard Zimbabwe has some really nice National Parks so wouldn’t mind visiting at some point – plus who could forget The Galapagos Islands. Finally I’ve been looking for places closer to home too and Kosovo is somewhere we hear a lot about in the news but I don’t like taking media reports at face value – I like to visit a place to discover it for myself and Kosovo, like Korea, is opening up to tourism now so would really like to visit. Closer to home it would be nice to visit Sweden and Finland when it’s not winter too!

Dream destinations for when I’m rich

Antarctica, Cook Islands, USA Road Trip, Round The World

Travel Experiences

I’ve had some really memorable experinces while travelling. Some are only memorable for those that were there but overall I’ve been pretty lucky.

My favourite experience while travelling was being grabbed on the leg by a Mountain Gorilla while trekking in the mountains of Rwanda but I have also…

  • Seen Robert Mugabe in The Vatican
  • Been swimming with Dolphins
  • Been woken by a Leopard growling outside my tent
  • Duneboarded down sand dunes in Namibia
  • Had a Meerkat come into my room to eat a boiled sweet
  • Seen the fireworks for the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party of North Korea
  • Seen the Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang, North Korea
  • Stayed at an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda for a week and interacting with the kids.

For more random experiences, photos, and full details of everything take a look at my travel blog.

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Further Information

Further information, such as full travel experiences, lists of favourite destinations, more info on places I’ve been, hundreds of photos and much more can be found on my Travel Blog:

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