It’s 2015

Posted: 10th March 2015 by Scott in Site News

I haven’t really updated this page in ages due to there not having been any recent updates and me not having done much contract work for a while. However I thought it best to post an update as one of my older travel photos, with a watermark for this domain, was recently used in some promo stuff by a company I traveled with a few years ago.

If you’re looking for my travel blog then head over to and browse the site.

At some point I will update this site, but that’s low priority at the moment.

Travel Section

Posted: 14th March 2010 by Scott in Site News

This is online as a second test so I can check the formatting and editing I’ve done with all the style sheets, but also to mention my travel section.

My main travel info I guess is on my Travel Blog. On the travel blog I’ll update from the road, post proper updates with photos etc when I get back and upload far more information than is needed on this site – I’m keeping is separate to make things easier.

However it is integrated into this site – The travel section here will soon contain an overview of my travels so far and my plans for the future but for now it does include an overview of my travel blog. Take a look at the travel blog section for some clips from my recent blog posts and links to the full blog.

Hello world!

Posted: 13th March 2010 by Scott in Site News

Hi there, this is Scott. Just thought I’d edit the default WordPress post to welcome you all to my site.

Basically this site is online for two reasons. Firstly as I want a hub for everything that is me – a place to centralise things and to express who I am. Secondly as an online portfolio / profile / CV for my freelance work.

Over the next few days I’ll be adding more content including contact forms so you can contact me, a portfolio of my work, a profile of myself, image gallery, details of my travels etc…. so stay tuned.